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The weather is warming up and it is getting close to that special time a year. Yes I am talking about spring break that means it is time to break out the keg. This year you decide that it is time to retire that old tap you have in favor of something new. I recommend that you invest into buying an electric beer pump tap.

Draft beer is known for one thing, foam. My whole family has bartended at one time or another in their life, with every cup of draft there was a battle against the foam. The electric pump cuts down on the amount of foam that is poured into the cup. No more having to sneak your finger in the cup to kill the foam as you are pouring a draft drink. It may sound gross but the salt on your finger will cut through the foam as you are pouring the drink.

The pump cuts down on the foam by forcing oxygen into the keg which causes the beer to go flat. This also means that this keg is not designed to keep beer fresh. A CO2 system can be placed on the keg to extend the life of your beer. Without the system the beer in the keg will go bad by the end of the next day. This makes the electric keg a better fit for a party or a one day event as opposed to the system that is used for a bar.

Remember to clean your draft lines and tap to keep them fresh. Overtime the line and tap to a keg can get dirty and give the beer a 'musty' taste. This is caused by a buildup of yeast, mold, beer stones and bacteria. The electric pump is priced from a whopping 63 dollars to a mere 6 dollars. The one for 6 dollars was being sold by Ebay.
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